Silwood Park Karate
Silwood Park Karate is more than just a sports club, we aim to help young children and adults to develop both physically and mentally. We believe in giving back to the community and through annual charity events, our members have raised over £38,479 for local charities. We believe that involving children in this work helps them to become better people and value the society around them. 

2018 - It is under wraps, but the name has been leaked... "Unfinashable!"

2017 - SKS Selection - Every year we are challenged with doing something new and tougher than the last year and with a some of our previous challenges taking over 24 hours to complete... its getting tough just planning them! But this year, we built our event around SAS selection and aptly named it SKS selection (Special Karate Service or Stupid Karate Stunt, take your pick!). This year, it was for a very small local charity that is run entirely by volunteers, My Cancer, My Choices. We raised £3390 and they were absolutely thrilled. This allowed the charity to provide over 200 complimentary treatments for people under going cancer treatment 

2016 - Seven- the name kept those in suspense until they later found it was named after Sensei Wright 7th Dan, and the suspense changed to trepidation. On the hottest day of the summer, over 50 members kicked and punched through a challenging 4 hour long course in aid of the Alexander Devine Hospice charity, we raised £4752! Amazing work. 

2015 - 15 Years and still going strong! This year we celebrated our 15th year and a club size of 120 members. The success of the club is purely down to the members within it and we are proud to take our small part in helping so many youngsters and adults achieve so much. The proceeds of the event raised £336 for Daisy's dream who provide support for children following a bereavement.

2014 - Tonne up challenge - A tonne up is a tough feat as it is, involving 10 repeats of 10 exercises, but we thought we would do 20 of them.. doesnt sound like much, just 200 press ups, 200 sit ups, totalling 2000 exercises and a few more for good measure... an amazing total of £3145 (with gift aid). Well done!

2014 - Toby Ross, now a young instructor received his 1st Dan Black belt, but it wasn't so long ago that he was just a young purple belt helping us out at Summer fun days.

2012 - £4093 -  The year of the London Olympics and our charity challenge was to complete 5 events, one for each Olympic ring. From scaling stairs to the height of Everest, performing take downs, to completing 1000s of blocks and punches or even taking a Karate exam (and that was the parents!), we all got involved and made a difference for Sebastian's action trust. 

2012 - Every black belt that is awarded is special to us, the person behind the belt has shown dedication, determination and passion to achieve such a significant grade and are proud to help them be recognised for this achievement. 10 new black belts in 2012  

2011 - £3025 for Berkshire Autistic Society and Konnections in a 10,000 Kata challenge. Over 90 adult and junior members and some of their parents collectively performed 10,000 katas (series of movements) taking just over 4 hours. The senior grades and adult members brought the challenge home completing more than 150 katas each. 

2010 - £1838 - This year Silwood members put on their running shoes to take part in the Green Park Challenge and the Reading Half Marathon raising money for Dyslexia Action. Our oldest participant was Joe Hope's Gran, well done! 

2009 - £8900 - In one of our greatest challenges ever, our junior members performed to the Mayor and trained for over 4 hours, whilst our adult members went one step further and trained non stop for 24 hours taking which included a 4 hour hike, a belly dancing session a lot of lucosade! All the money was raised for Sebastian's Action Trust.

2008 - Sensei Daniel met his beautiful wife Gillian when she first came along to a Karate lesson in 2004, 4 years later they got married in Scotland, but not with out a bit of Karate advertising in their wedding photos

2008 - Amy Tomalin, now one of our young instructors teaching at Jennets Park and Our Lady's prep school achieves her black belt - Get Reading 2008

2008 One Mile of Kicks

Another of our fund-raising events was for Sport Relief in 2008, where we kicked over 2000 times, raising £2,500.

100,000 Punches

One of our largest fund-raising events, and our most physically challenging, was for Sport Relief. During our normal lesson, our junior and adult members completed 100,000 punches. Many of our members persuaded their sponsors to give 1p for every punch - little did they realise that our juniors on average punched 1000 times and so we raised approximately £1000

2004 - £5500 - Members of Silwood Park Karate collected generous donations of equipment and materials from the local community to build a memorial garden for Kennel Lane Special needs school. It took over 4 days to build the garden and we hit our deadline, despite heavy rain at the weekend and the garden was opened by the Mayor.

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