Covid 19 Safety


We aim to ensure the safety of our members and help everyone get back to training

We will always follow local and government guidelines and reserve the right to make changes to lesson arrangements, timings and class sizes in order to ensure safety for all.

We will use our creativity to ensure our usual high standard of engaging lessons, finding replacement activities for Kumite, Bunkai (kata applications), pad work, self defence and other partner work.

Expectations of all members

  1. No member should train if they feel unwell, exhibiting symptoms of Covid-19 as listed on the website. This includes a persistent cough, fever and anosmia (loss of sense of smell). 
  2. Currently, spectators are not permitted. We value the role of our members and will allow spectators as soon as we are able
  3. Members must wash their hands on entry and exit
  4. Members should minimize touching of objects within the school, e.g. chairs, walls etc
  5. Non family members should maintain at least 1m distance and usually 2m distance from other members
  6. Share details with contact tracing and comply with government instructions if contacted through track and trace

Changes we have made

It is not possible to provide an exhaustive list of the many small changes to lesson structure. However, our core aims are to:

  • Provide hand sanitizer and remind students of hand hygiene
  • Staggered lesson start times to minimize congestion during lesson change over
  • Managed lesson size to ensure 2m distancing can be followed
  • Ensure students are socially distanced from each other
  • By design, lessons will not expect students to work closely to each other
  • Standing face to face will be minimized or at least 2m distance between members
  • Avoid partner and pad work
  • When equipment is reinstated, it will be sanitized between users
  • Continuously review our risk assessment
  • Keep a record of members attending each lesson

Bracknell, Berkshire, UK.

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