Silwood Park Karate

Sunday 22nd July

  • 22 Jul 2018
  • 8:50 AM - 3:00 PM
  • Great Hollands Primary School


(depends on selected options)

Base fee:
  • Includes the grading, certificate and belt
  • Includes grading fee

Registration is closed
Please note that the grading times are slightly different to previous gradings

Please also note that a grading is a formal exam, it is not permitted to arrive late or leave early due to football matches, parties, etc. This is a requirement set by the KSKC. We understand that this may mean members can not grade sometimes due to other commitments and are happy to make share details of other KSKC gradings that they may attend instead. 

Session 1 9-11.20am 

Juniors - white belt/beginners, white and red stripes, red and white stripes, blue, blue stripe

Session 2 12-1.30pm

Juniors -  Red, Yellow, Green, purple, purple stripe, all brown belts, Nurture junior, Adults.

Session 3 2-5pm 3rd Dan Grading 

Only senior black belt grades are permitted to view a 3rd Dan grading.

Brown belts adults and children, All other adults, some teenagers (please ask if unsure) Nurture adult

3rd Dan Grading (black belt senior grades only allowed to spectate)


DVDs - Faster access! 

Now faster access - We have set ourselves up so that we can return your DVD much faster and if we can not get this to you in two weeks, we will share our Katas on You Tube with you so you can get training straight away. 

Grading DVDs are personalized for you or your child and including footage of their grading, their next steps and a 5-10 minute masterclass from either Sensei Daniel, Sensei Gillian or Sensei Wright. This might be an explanation of a particular technique or a black belt kata. Our DVDs now are really tailored to your child and feature their next Kata performed from a range of angles. If you would like a copy, please just select the option in the tick box. 

Our aim is to get DVDs back to you even quicker, so we will aim for 2-3 week turn around.

Wrist Bands
New: We now have coloured silicone wrist bands to 
match your grade and debossed with 
Silwood Park Karate. These are only £1, 
just tick the box on the form. 

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