Silwood Park Karate

SK DUN - Bracknell Legends Open

  • 16 Mar 2019
  • 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM
  • Bracknell Leisure Centre


Bracknell Legends - National Competition

This is our first foray into National Competitions. Whilst we are not a competition orientated club, we recognize that this aspect of Karate is important for some people and equally, its an excellent opportunity to review the standard of Karate of other clubs and to raise our game. 

This competition is organised by the organisation SKDUN (United Nations) and we will be entering as guests and not organising it. See their facebook page

If you would like to participate, please speak to us and ask what is required, there are some strict rules and a very large number of events. The competition starts at 9am and finishes at 7pm, but you would only need to be present for your events. 

We will need to register you, so please fill out all the details carefully as it will cause confusion (and most likely disqualification) if we enter someone into the wrong category. Height and weight are of particular importance if entering kumite (free style). 

We will then confirm the price - a full list of categories can be found online 

The entry fee is £10 to £12 per event. Team events are available. 

Kumite events require white cotton mitts (the shiny mitts we use are suitable for WKF competitions, unfortunately not these). We can help provide these if you do not wish to purchase. Groin guards and gum shields must be worn. Shin and instep protectors are not permitted in this competition. 

For Kata - students will be asked to perform a designated Heian Kata in round 1, a black belt kata from a set list in round 2 and a free choice in round 3 (but not one above the competitors grade, e.g. Unsu is not permitted below 3rd Dan). We can help with this. 

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