Silwood Park Karate

Virtual Karate Challenge

  • 16 Mar 2020
  • 01 Jun 2020

Keep the kids occupied with our virtual challenges!

These challenges will be designed to keep children occupied and engaged with their karate and fitness training.

One virtual challenge will offset 2 lessons and we have 2 virtual challenges planned with more to come depending on the length of our closure.  Each virtual challenge will include 4x15 minute online training videos for you to complete at home and an extra challenge.  At the end of the challenge you will receive a unique Karate medal. 

This pack is intended for use during a school closure and will be suitable for all grades. 

We will assume any sign up applies to all children in the family, just send us an email if this is not the case. 

The cost each virtual challenge is offset against 2 lessons. (so no charge, but we would refund 2 less lessons). 

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