Silwood Park Karate

Spirit Challenge

Our Spirit challenge is for all. To better ourselves, we need to make a lifestyle change. Most diets are not successful or long lasting because they involve a short term goal. Those who succeed, change their lifestyle, they walk rather than drive, switch to high fibre foods they enjoy. January is the time everyone signs up to the gym. By March..... 

Our spirit challenge is aimed at helping families make lifestyle changes for the long term. By selecting four challenges to work towards over time, we hope to make longer term changes. We want our children to be independent and motivated, we want to involve the families in our challenges too, so we can motivate each other and bring us closer together. 

We have designed four beautiful medals, one for each challenge. On completion of each challenge, we will showcase your achievement on each webpage and award your medal. Take the time to plan your challenges, write them down together, avoid challenges that are too far in the distance or too easily achieved. A speed challenge could be a new running time, an endurance challenge could be beating that time several times over. A strength challenge could be completing 100 press ups, or simply staying in a low stance for a whole kata performed over a few minutes.

Challenges can be both physical and mental, you can create a series of mini challenges for each challenge, the choice is yours, but we are happy to help with ideas. We hope you will join us in our challenge to lift us from 2020 and achieve in 2021. Sign up for the challenge now. 

Who will be first to collect the animal tribe of medals?

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