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The Tiger does not currently live in Japan, but has been a symbol of Shotokan Karate. Gichin Funakoshi spent much time contemplating Karate and the name comes from Tora no maki or Tiger scroll which is the way text books were written, on long scrolls. The tiger is a fitting symbol, it can run at 40mph, climb and fight. They have phenomenal power, They can leap over 12ft straight up and have been witnessed jumping even higher!

Take on our speed challenges or set your own. Remember to follow the links to see how some are done.

Speed Challenges for Juniors

Improve your running time by 20% with regular training

Develop your speed with Nunchaku by creating a routine

Develop speed with Sai or Bo combinations

Beat the club record of 21 one ups in 1 minute - can you hit 25?

50-50-50 - Complete 50 Squat thrusts, 50 knees to chest jumps and 50 one ups - keep a diary for 10 sessions showing your increased speed.

12 second punch challenge - log how many (QUALITY!) punches you can do on a bag in 12 seconds. 

Speed Challenges for Adults

Increase your short distance (400m) by speed by 20%

Increase your mid distance (5K) speed by 30%

Develop the speed of a short kumite combination (e.g. gyakazuki, mawashageri)

Or Something different?

Speed is not just about running or swimming fast. It can be about what you do at home to help your parents, how many times have they asked you to get ready for school more quickly tidy your room or help out. For 20 school days, hit a target time to get ready. After 20 days, this will become a habit and you will no longer need to be told!

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