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Agility Challenges

The Sitka Deer or Shika in Japanese, can be found in the UK and can be seen in the New Forest. A deer may not seem as powerful as a predator such as a tiger or wolf, but prey animals such as deer can run for miles, reach speeds of 50mph, jump distances of 5m and heights of 2m (that is the same as jumping over your car!). The antlers can be deadly and they demonstrate amazing agility when fighting. 

Develop your agility with our challenges below, keep photos to show your progress or set yourself goals to achieve. 

Agility Challenges for Juniors

Practice your flexibility to drop into box splits

Complete a 25 kick challenge without putting a leg down

Learn the most agile of Katas, Unsu

Develop dexterity by learning a new weapon kata (Sai, Bo, Nunchaku)

Create your own kata showing off your own kata

Agility Challenges for Adults

The time to achieve box splits may be passed, but set your self a series of flexibility goals

Put together your own parkour karate routine

Learn Unsu and master the jump

Complete a monkey bar sequence - (combination of chin ups, traverses and leaps)

Effectively kick Jodan!

Or Something different?

Agile body, Agile mind. Karate is about developing yourself. Why not learn a language, such as Japanese. Duolingo is a great website to learn languages with a simple daily app - learn Japanese.  Take a moment for yourself and complete a Japanese adult colouring in or learn Japanese Kanji at Wanikani

Our Spirit Heroes

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