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Endurance Challenges

The Japanese Wolf or HonshÅ« wolf is sadly now extinct, but Wolves still live in many countries. Whilst many people may fear them, their reintroduction into Yellowstone National park led to increases in Biodiversity as they "encouraged" the Wildebeast to keep moving, causing less damage to any one area, quickly trees regrew, badger populations back and fish populations bloomed. 

Wolves can run 30 miles in a day searching for food and will run for miles at speed chasing down prey until it is exhausted.

The endurance challenges are the ones where you can really push yourself and find your limit!

Endurance Challenges for Juniors

Set yourself a distance running challenge AND a target time - can you run 5k in 35 minutes?

Swim as far as you can (with supervision) - can you swim 800m?

Cycle - Take your parents on the longest ride they can manage!

Complete the Silwood 8 challenge - 20 sets of each

Can you do a 3 minute plank?

Endurance Challenges for Adults

There is so much opportunity to set yourself a real challenge for 2021 - will it be couch to 5k, a half marathon, the centurion bike ride (100 miles), learn to swim or something shorter?

1000 punch challenge - on a bag, quality to the end

10 minute plank

Or Something different?

Great long distance athletes not only need to be superfit, they need to show mental endurance, pushing away boredom and persevering to the end. Have you got what it takes? Is there something you do not like doing, but could do it every day for a month, like eat peas or broccoli! This is more than just a fun challenge, eating more healthily is important to grow up healthily. 

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